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About us:

About us:


We are a husband and wife team, Konrad and Surette van Rensburg.

Konrad started his marketing experience in 1990 with direct Sales & Marketing. In 2001, Konrad partnered with an Internet & Email Marketing Company and broadened the scope of his marketing knowledge.

The company was sold in 2005, and Konrad invested in a Multimedia company, building his expertise in videography and visual design. At this stage, Surette joined him in the business. In 2012, they sold this business and started a Social Media Marketing company, which has evolved into the Rocket my Business company of today.

We are constantly updating our skills and knowledge to stay current in today’s changing market. We have clients in various industries, including Hospitality, Skills Training & Development, Shopping Centre, Corporate Offices, Residential Property Agents and the Security Industry.

We use our more than 30 years experience to market Your business on-line.

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